Hey guys, my name is Lauren Wallace. I'm 17 years old and I'm a junior at CECHS. I've been practicing Vovinam in Houston for about 11 months. So I guess you can already assume I live in Houston. I'm a first generation Korean-American. I love to volunteer, hangout with friends, attend concerts, and go to anime conventions. I'll listen to most any type of music, but I like rock the best. I'd like to think I'm a generally easy person to talk to. So feel free to message me.

Damn you Robert, it’s tuesday night; I should be sleeping or doing homework, not watching anime. I think I’ve rediscovered my love of anime again. 

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People will never understand what it’s like to loose someone close to you. Once you’ve lost someone like that, you have a constant fear of loss. Whenever you meet someone, you get so scared that they’re going to leave you. When you meet someone older than you, you don’t ever want to loose them. You don’t want that feeling of loneliness to return. 

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Lol, I feel dumb for falling for tumblr pro. 

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my house

i would have this house and then the inside would be freakin colorful and awesome on the inside and no one would ever know

are you Tim Burton?

Why do you keep hurting me? Can’t you see I’m broken beyond recognition? Can’t you see I can barely breathe anymore? Can’t you tell that I don’t even want to wake up anymore? Is making me suffer the only thing that gives you pleasure? You’ve sucked all the life out of me. I used to look forward to going home. I used to look forward to going to school. I can’t look forward to anything knowing there’s no escape. There’s no escape from the pain I feel. I can’t get away. There’s no where to turn to anymore. Everywhere I turn there’s judgement. No one understands. I just want a best friend. No, I need a Bestfriend. But I hate weighing people down with my problems. I’d rather sink deeper into the depression I’ve been in for a long time. People look at me like I’m some sort of freak. Or worse they think I’m fine. I’m not fine. I haven’t been for a long time.

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Throne of Games.

#lies down

I love how terrified that girl looks

"quick becky if we’re rly quiet we can get away"


In honor of the two conflicting holidays



don’t you hate it when you offer help and the other person says yes

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